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Here at Games and Gears, we take the health and safety of our staff and customers very seriously. We have been listening to the advice and recommendations from the various health bodies and have put in place steps to protect our staff. This includes recommendations to self-isolate. Understandably this has left us with a reduced team with which to look after our customers.

While we will not be shutting down operations completely, it does mean that stock on our site may be in short supply, responding to queries may take a little more time, and orders may take slightly longer to get to you for the foreseeable future. We hope that you understand and can bear with us until services can resume as normal.

In the meantime we will endeavor to continue to deliver quality hobby gear to you, to help you get through anytime you may be spending having to self-isolate.

Thank you for understanding, stay safe and, as always, happy painting!

Games and Gears Team

Pro Studio Starter Set contains:
1 Games & Gears Dual End Size 00 Pro Studio Brush. For super fine detail  ( Kolinsky sable hair)
1 Games & Gears Dual End Size 0 Pro Studio Brush. For fine detail ( Kolinsky sable hair)
1 Games & Gears Dual End Size 1 Pro Studio Brush. Standard sized Miniatures. ( Kolinsky sable hair)
1 Games & Gears Dual End Size 2 Pro Studio Brush. Large sized Miniatures. ( Kolinsky sable hair)
1 Games & Gears Dual End Size 3LX Pro Studio Brush. Drybrush. ( Kolinsky sable hair)
1 Games & Gears Dual End Size 4RX Pro Studio Brush. For Monster, Vehicle miniatures & terrain. ( Kolinsky sable hair)
-12 Pro Studio Brush heads, 6 Pro Studio brush handles .
-For our dual end Pro Studio brush mechanic  an average of 2.41GBP per brush head. Instead of 12 brush handles you have six uniquely designed handles and 12 brush heads.  
-For long lasting painting session the handles of each Pro Studio brush is made to extend your painting sessions and a better grip
-Sent Via Tracked Delivery.
Checkout our album of miniatures painted by Gamers/painters all over the world using our Pro Studio Brushes Click here: Pro Studio Brushes

Brand Information

Games & Gears Pro Studio Brushes are expertly hand-crafted with the specific task of painting miniatures. From the largest miniature to the tiniest detail, these brushes are designed to help you paint your armies to an exceptional standard.  

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