Legends Survival Kit

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Games and Gears Legends Survival Kit

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The latest generation of brushes from Games and Gears for your miniature hobby.

Four premium quality kolinsky sable long bristle brushes: sizes 0 – 0000. Comes in a Games & Gears custom leather brush case.

Master Brush soap with holder and Masters Brush towel.

Brand Information

Our dedication to quality and excellence bring you the new and improved 4th generation of our world famous Games and Gears brushes, master crafted for your painting pleasure.

What’s changed?

  • Longer brush points – Allows you to load more paint on to the brush and giving you more control over your painting.

  • Brand new 0000 brush – Our smallest brush point ever, for your extreme fine detail painting.

The Games & Gears Masters Towel is your painting session companion, drying and cleaning your brush hair. It will serve you loyally for many years to come.

Our world class Master brush soap, one of our most popular products, is the ultimate life extension kit for your brushes.

Take your painting to the next level with these legendary brushes! Check out the results of our brushes at work here Games and Gears community album

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