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Masters Hybrid Brush Set
Product Code: G&G1300800003

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  • Description

    Games &Gears Masters Hybrid Dual End Brush Set
    6 Brush Sizes, 3 brush handles!
    Masters Hybrid Brush Set contains:
    1 Games & Gears Size 00-0 Masters Hybrid Brush. For super fine & fine detail  ( Kolinsky sable hair).
    1 Games & Gears Size 1-2 Masters Hybrid Brush. For Standard sized Miniatures & Large sized Miniatures  ( Kolinsky sable hair)
    1 Games & Gears Size 3LX-4RX Masters Hybrids Brush. For Drybrush &Monster, Vehicle miniatures & terrain. ( Kolinsky sable hair)
    3 Games & Gears Masters Clear Brush Cases.
    -6 Masters Hybrid Brush heads, 3  Masters Hybrid brush handles .
    -For our dual end Masters Hybrid brush mechanic  an average of 5.00GBP per brush head. Instead of 6 brush handles you have 3 Master Hybrid handles and 6 Master Hybridbrush heads.  
    -Free World Wide Tracked Delivery!
    Here is a Gallery of Master Hybris Brushes in use!

    Here is a website review and a review on the Hybrid Brushes from Ichiban Studio

  • Brand Information
    Games & Gears Masters Hybrid Brushes are master hand-crafted, superior Kolinsky Sable Hair with the specific task of painting miniatures for masters. From the largest miniature to the tiniest detail, these brushes are designed to help you paint your armies to a painting masters standard. Games & Gears Masters Hybrid Brush. They stand apart from the rest, in terms of delivery, quality & price. Each Games & Gears Masters Hybrid Brush comes with a G&G clear single case, which can be used for super easy transportation. You can put it in your inner jacket/coat pocket, general pocket or bag. Each G&G Masters Hybrid Brush also comes with tubular brush caps.