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DLB Signature 7 Brush Set
Product Code: GNGDLB201509003

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  • Description

    DLB Signature  Masters Class Set + Technical Series

    Pure Konlinsky
    Master Crafted. Kolinsky brush set. For the ultimate painting experience.
    Sizes: 00, 0, 1
    Comes with a custom G&G brush case and box set. 
    Get your next generation hobby art brush of excellence and take your painting to the next level. 

    Lester Bursley Signature Series Technical Set Plus

    - Superior quality brushes for the ultimate miniature painting expereince. 

    - Comes with 4 brushes: Detailed Drybrush, Drybrush, Wakizashi & katana Ver.2.

    - Custom Built Games & Gears Brush Case


    Quality, excellence and innovation all rolled into one brush set. 

    Check out the brushes in use in the videos below:

  • Brand Information
    DLB Signature Master Class Set. Each brush takes days to craft, only enabling us to produce a limited batch every quarter. Our handle mechanic which has been refined to it's optimum performance with this series. Beautifully crafted, each hair head hand cut by Games & Gears master brush makers/ The ultimate hobby brush set in your hands for the ultimate experience.  

    Lester Bursley Signature Series Technical Set Plus. Is master crafted for the ultimate painting experience. Each brush is crafted with the highest standards. To insure for the ultimate technical painting experience. You no longer have to be a master painter to draw straight lines on a miniature model with the Wakizashi. With also the first dedicated dry brushes for miniatures, crafted and formulated for the optimum dry brushing experience. The Katana v2 is our latest generation Katana brush with better precision