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Dark Christmas Bundle
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  • Description
    Make this Christmas a dark one with a copy of Dark Deeds and ALL the expansion sets!! 

    This Bundle includes:
    • A copy of Dark Deeds
    • Darker Deeds expansion set
    • Dark Deeds at Adepticon expansion set
    • Dark Deeds: Loot of the Gods expansion set

  • Brand Information

    Dark Deeds includes:

    • 40 Card Street Deck with Deck Box

    • 60 Card Tavern Deck with Deck Box

    • 18 Suspicion Marks, Walnut and Cherry wood

    • 1 Marks Pouch

    • 1 'Most Suspicious Minion' Coin. Collectors sequentially numbered game coin.

    • 1 Dark Deeds Custom D12 Dice

    • 1 Dark Deeds Street Play Mat

    • 1 Rule Book

    • 1 Game Mode Card

    Darker Deeds includes:

    • 30 Beautifully Illustrated Dark Deeds Cards:

    • 16 new cards out of the deck of 30 cards.

    • New Nemesis Card "The Witch Sniffer".

    • New citizens, guards and the limited edition "Game Monger" which was available last year via the GTM magazine.

    • 14 cards previously only available in limited edition convention packs plus.

    • Themed Darker Deeds Tavern & Street Deck box

    • The Solix Moctis Metal coin (with rules for it's use).

    • Custom D12 Darker Deeds Dice.

    Dark Deeds at Adepticon includes five exclusive new cards, a custom d12 dice, and the "AdeptiCoin” with rules for it’s use in play.

    Dark Deeds: Loot of the Gods contains 6 new loot cards for items infused with the magic of gods, saints and sorcerers… Dark Deities all.


    Concept: Andy Chambers

    Art: Mark Gibbons

    Games Design: Ryan Miller & Andy Chambers

    Production: Sam S.

    Dark Deeds is a next generation, premium quality game j am packed with high quality content.